Flanges for Pipes

In our everyday construction work we do various types of job. All these construction work need some special care. There are lots of elements and material you need during the construction work. Without these materials it becomes very hard to manage all the things done. In almost every construction work, especially industrial work pip works are becoming one of the most curtail and important work. In every building you need water supply or any kind of liquid supply. Not only that, you pipes have vast application in many sectors like petrochemical, conveying liquids like water, gas, etc. you may hear about the name called flange. It is most important parts of pip working. It makes the working process much easier. There are various types of flanges are available in the market. But all the flanges are not same in job and design as well. Some most usable flanges names and description are given below to discuss.

Weld Neck Flanges: Basically, it is attached with the neck of another pipe through welding. The basic advantage of this flange is it is able to reduce the pressure from the bottom of the hub. In most of high pressure application these flanges used. This flange is available in 3 types of material like Alloy, Carbon and most importantly stainless steel. There are two types of standard of this flange one is ASTM A105 and another is ASTM A182. But if you want some specific design of this flange for specific use then you have to know all about the types of this flange. There are two types of Weld Neck Flanges and they are.
  1. Reducing Weld Neck Flanges: This flange is useable for smaller pipe. Because its work as a combination with flange and pipe reducer as well. If you want to use it in smaller pipe then you can use it directly. 
  2. Long Weld Neck Flange: This flange also knows as LWN Flange. It has a long neck that’s why it’s named by it. If you look it first time, then you will think that there is another pip attached with the flange. But it is not. This long neck attached with another flange. Most of the people use it as a nozzle. It is effective to use in this way. 

Before you use these flanges, then you also consider about face of the flanges because there are differences in faces. Basically two face types flanges are available in the market.  They are given below. 
  1. Raised Face Weld Neck Flange: To differentiate this flange form other flange you have to look at the bottom of it because the bore is surrounded by a small portion which is indicating the face. It’s also customizable. Raised Face Weld Neck Flange has a height like 1/6” if you want to use 150# and 300# flange. But you will get 300# have much higher face. 
  2. RTJ Weld Neck Flange: This flange has a groove. That’s what it can accept steel ring Gasket. 

There is another Weld Neck Flange available and that is flat flange. From the above discuss I hope you will get the clear idea about the Weld Neck Flanges.